what is raddichio & those 'other' lettuces? 
why they're good for you & how to use them?  

essential yoga stretches for runners.

raddichio vs. the rest.

raddichio is a featured rockstar on our menu this week, but what really makes raddichio different from other types of leafy greens? check out our list of comparisons:
  • what it is - a leaf chicory that has red leaves and white veins. it is bitter and spicy when eaten raw, and the flavors calm down when cooked.
  • health benefits - excellent source of phenolic flavnoid antioxidants. B-complex vitamins, folic acid, vitamin K and other minerals. 
  • how to eat it - chopped in a salad or even baked, as seen our 2 dishes here.  grill it, and toss it in with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, and mustard, following this easy and yummy recipe.
  • what it is - a leaf vegetable hailing from the daisy family. it is rich in vitamins and fiber, and it can be chopped, sauteed, or eaten raw.
  • health benefits -  vitamin A & b-carotene rich. folic acid and minerals such as copper, iron, and potassium.
  • how to eat it - mix with snap peas and parmesan dressing to make this delicious salad.
  • what it is - a perennial plant that is one of the oldest known leaf vegetables eaten by humans. it has a zesty, peppery flavor.
  • health benefits - rich in iron, iodine, vitamins A, C & E, antioxidants and folate.  in addition to proven skin health and cancer prevention benefits.
  • how to eat it - throw it together with avocados, onions, and apples for a crispy, tangy dish.

boston bibb.
  • what it is - a type of head lettuce with many leaves. it has a sweet taste and a tender texture.
  • health benefits - a good source of thiamin, riboflavin  calcium, magnesium & phosphorus. plus, a great source of dietary fiber, vitamins: A, C, K, B6, Folate, iron and potassium.  
  • how to eat it - combine with grilled prok, apples, cherry tomatoes, and walnuts for a hearty salad that will keep you satisfied all day.
yoga for runners.
we know that yoga is crucial for keeping you limber, healthy, and fit, but it's easy to be so worn out after a great run that stretching is the last thing on your mind. here are some simple tips for ensuring that you keep your muscles stretched and loose after a good jog:
  • relax tight hamstrings and prevent future injuries with postures like the supine leg stretch and locust pose.
  • do some gentle stretching postures to ease weary muscles and ensure that you stay healthy.
  • practice some basic poses with weights to increase your muscle strength and stability, allowing your body to carry you on longer runs in the future.

make sure to check out our new! fresh + fit
packages - yoga  help you combine working out & eating right.
fall and friday have finally arrived in Dallas!  & so have some outstanding fave finds - let us know which ones you must have or want to see more of.  we'd love to hear from you!  happy friday!!

1. zara home has finally arrived in the U.S! we believe the antracita table cloth really will make your turkey taste better.
2.  celebrate halloween this weekend with super model heidi klum's halloween party cocktail recipe.
3. love & lemons blog - if you don't know about it, you NEED to & can thank us later.
4. we mix, stir, blend, puree (you get the point) constantly - Leif's gorgeous wooden tasting spoon set not only look pretty, but are super functional. double whammy!
5. 100 mile meals this weekend at the Sydney International Food Festival
can you transport us there tomorrow mates?  

what's a parsnip & how the heck do you use it? + the right yoga class for you.

Parsnips: what are they & what do you do with them?

Parsnips may look like carrots uglier step sibling,  but the health benefits and sweet earthy flavor make these roots a top fullosophie veg.
This week we have them featured in our Eating Well inspired dish,"swedish meatballs with apple-parsnip mash & blackberry preserve" - order now or order after you hear how delish and versatile this root is.

Health Benefits:
- low calorie food with almost no fat, no cholesterol and very little sodium
- this vegetable is packed with vitamins C, E, K and folate
- 1 cup of parsnips = 25% of your daily fiber intake + 14% of daily potassium intake.

How to buy them: 
when buying a parsnip at the market, stick with the small or medium sized ones that aren't limp.  Don't buy the bigger ones, as they tend to be woody on the inside. 

How to cook & uses:
  • Boil parsnips until tender, about eight minutes, and mash with unsalted butter and low fat milk for a low calorie parsnip puree.
  • Shred 1 parsnip and add it to your Coleslaw mix for a spicy bite.
  • Dice 2 carrots and 2 parsnips and sauté with chopped onion for a low-calorie breakfast hash.
  • Rough chop parsnips and add to your favorite stew.
  • Give mashed potatoes a kick by mashing parsnip along with potatoes.
  • Slice parsnips into strips, rub with olive oil, rosemary, salt & pepper. Bake at 400° F for 15 minutes or until done for healthy low calorie fries!

what's the right yoga class for you?

After you better understand which yoga type suits you, check out our newest & easiest way to workout & eat well! the 'full yogi' package

- slower paced yoga

Good for: beginners and people wanting to learn yoga basics.

Benefits: Relieves stress, provides physical exercise, and improves breathing.

Vinyasa - a flowing yoga
Good For: beginners and advanced yogis alike seeking to strengthen their body.

Benefits:  help improve strength and stability. tones abdominal muscles. and reduces risk of: high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes.

Ashtanga - known as power yoga
Good for: fit people looking to maintain strength and stamina, and those who want to get in touch with their spiritual side.

Benefits: relieves stress, improves coordination, helps with weight loss.

Iyenger - known for holding poses
Good for:
beginners who want to learn correct alignments in each pose and those with injuries, balance issues, and chronical medical conditions like arthritis.

Benefits: Improves balance and speeds up recovery from injurt

Bikram - known as hot yoga
Good for: beginners and advanced yogis who want to push themselves and those with injuries

Benefits: Cleanses and detoxifies the body. Enhances flexibility and speeds up recovery from injurty.

even though the texas state fair ended quite dramatically (come on, big tex's passing and a stalled carnival ride both happening in one day?!), there are so many good things about this festive event that takes place in dallas each year. the food sold at the fair may not necessarily fit our fullosophie of eating clean and healthily (they sell fried butter there, after all) but it's fun to  support our city and indulge in a treat or two. 

below you'll find some photos from tarin's adventure to the texas state fair a couple of weeks ago during the texas vs. ou football game. she treated herself to a fletcher's corny dog and enjoyed taking in the sights. 

until next year, dear state fair!
happy friday, y'all! we hope everyone had a great week. check out the fun links we found around the world wide web - these are some of our fave finds.
1. a showcase of [frozen] fall heaven.  jeni's splendid 3 treats and a trick collection
honorable mention for salty carmel. it is that good. 
2. Leatherman Ltd's 'gentleman's lunch bag' -- we're not gentleman & we want to carry one.

3. anson mills grits are not only a favorite, but a must-have item in the fullosophie kitchen.  
image below: inovasi's dry-aged sirloin on anson mills grits.

4.we couldn't think of a better way to spend Saturday then at the Komen Dallas Race for the Cure

5.  a glass toaster -- why didn't we think of that?  we love Williams Sonoma's version.

want to know:
best uses & differences between seasonal pears                +               how to workout and donate to breast cancer.
pear low down.

on this weeks menu: pears, sausage, goats cheese & agrugula flatbread
(available in paleo, gluten-free, and vegetarian)

General Health Information:
  • With no fat, saturated fat or cholesterol, pears can replace fatty foods in the diet.
  • While offering beneficial potassium, but no sodium, pears may help to promote a healthy blood pressure
  • Rich in fiber –  good sources of fiber contribute to satiety (feeling full) 

Compearison of Varieties:

In salads and eaten raw by themselves or paired with cheese. Sweet juicy Anjous are perfect for baking into desserts like tarts. Anjou pears have a mild flavor and a firm texture, while still being sweet and juicy. They can be green or red, but the color doesn't indicate any major flavor or texture difference. 

Eaten fresh or in salads, canned, baked or poached. Bartletts are the juiciest pears when eaten raw and, consequently, lose their shape when cooked, turning to pear-sauce quite easily with the briefest exposure to heat. They are perfect for making pear butter or as we have it on our menu with goats cheese and arugula, Order HERE.

Eaten fresh, in salads or use in fruit baskets. Bosc pears are crisp when raw and hold their shape beautifully when cooked. They have the best example of the soft, grainy texture associated with pears. They are easy to recognize by their brownish russet skin, classic pear shape, and heady pear aroma.

pedal for pink!
  bounce for the Girls!
This upcoming Saturday, October 27th BEYOND studios is helping you workout & give back.  

Cycle at Snider - 10:30am 
Pilates at Lovers -  Noon

Each class is FREE but they are asking for a min. $20 donation.  ALL proceeds from these 2 classes will be donated back to the Susan G Komen foundation.  

How awesome is that?  We LOVE it.  

Now, that's living fully.

Cycle at Snider - 10:30am 
Pilates at Lovers -  Noon

jess here! this weekend i had the opportunity to dine at press, a renowned restaurant near napa valley, california [it's technically in st. helena, which is a hop, skip, & a jump away from wine country]. here's my recap of this hot-spot, from a to z. the overall gist? this restaurant is absolutely fantastic. if you find yourself in napa any time in the near future, do yourself a favor by dining at press.
the first thing i noticed about press was the incredible interior. as my boyfriend, mike, & i approached the entrance [we were celebrating our anniversary!], we were completely surrounded by twinkle lights. we proceeded to a lowly lit room that has 30-foot exposed farm ceilings. there was a gorgeous bar serving housemade 209 gin. outside, we noted an exterior fire pit - we couldn't wait to cozy up next to it with a martini.
we started our evening by perusing the cocktail menu. i ordered a basil beauty, a combination of 209 gin shaken with muddled fresh basil, fresh lime juice, & a splash of cane syrup, served up. a few minutes after enjoying our beverages, we were led to our table in the main dining room.
i was amazed, as the staff had given us the best corner table in the restaurant, adorned with a congratulatory anniversary card from press. we had a fantastic view of the outdoor patio, where there were two long farm tables covered in candles & fall floral arrangements - so festive. we began our meal with champagne & kampachi tartare [fresh kampachi, mango, cucumber, red chilies, ginger & lime]. it was such a good way to kick off our dining experience.
mike ordered the wyagu flatiron for dinner, cooked per the chef's recommendation. i have to quote mike here, as he said, "this is one of the best steaks i've ever had" - & that boy has had his fair share of beef. the waiter mentioned that the truffle mac 'n cheese went  well with the steak - twist our arms, why don't you?  i went for a much cleaner approach to the meal for my main course - i ordered the ocean. just kidding - but it felt like that. i had the petite seafood platter, which was not petite - it included four jumbo shrimp, six large oysters, & half of a lobster tail. it was all fresh, fresh, fresh & delicious! i also indulged in an additional side of some heirloom broccoli. it was all total perfection.
we were stuffed, but when we heard there was homemade fig ice cream on the dessert menu, how could we turn it down? it's fig season in the valley so it felt like the perfect treat to indulge in after our meal. the ice cream was delicious, made with local clover diary milk & organic sugar. we sipped on equator french press coffee while enjoying our dessert. i was one happy [& full] girl.
the service, food, & atmosphere [& the company!] made the evening a truly memorable one. i highly recommend press as a must-eat spot in napa valley. so get yourselves there already!

4 fork rating.

4 - must eat
3 - good eats
2- i've had better eats
1 - take our advice & eat elsewhere.
welcome to this week’s fullosophie's fave finds post! 
join in our link love this week, & let us know what you think of the gems we’ve found from around the web.

1. we think that a kitchen is not complete without a vitamix blender.
2. speaking of necessary kitchen accessories, we die for these le creuset pots. 
3. we think that any baggu tote would make the perfect satchel for carrying workout clothes, groceries, or running shoes.

4. we can't wait to snag a copy of kinfolk magazine, volume five.

5. Our next fullosophie field trip -  Food & Wine events at Blackberry Farm. 
How else can we educate you on the latest & greatest in food if you we don't visit these glorious events?  

eat well. live fully. happy friday!
-jess & tarin

want to know ...
the difference between (& how to cook) the beautiful squashes at the grocery?
the best time to workout?

differences between & how to cook squashes.

Spaghetti Squash 
This watermelon-shaped gourd ranges in size from 2 to 5 pounds or more. It has a golden-yellow, oval rind and a mild, nutlike flavor. Larger spaghetti squash are more flavorful than smaller squash.

Once cooked, the flesh is raked out and is a dead ringer for spaghetti!

See how Emeril Lagasee prepares it here
Kabocha Squash 

Kabocha means squash in Japanese, and refers most commonly to a squash of the buttercup type. This squash has a green, bluish-gray or a deep orange skin. The flesh is deep yellow. It has a rich sweet flavor, and often dry and flaky when cooked.

See a great roasted Kobocha Squash recipe [that’s also paleo-friendly] here
Delicata Squash

This is one of the tastier winter squashes, with creamy pulp that tastes a bit like corn and sweet potatoes. Unlike many gourds, the thin skin on the Delicata Squash is edible.

We love how Jerry Traunfeld pairs it with sage, rosemary & apple cider here
Butternut Squash    
With a bulbous end and pale, creamy skin, with a choice, fine-textured, deep-orange flesh with a sweet, nutty flavor. Some people say it is like butterscotch. 

The more vibrant orange the color, the riper, drier, and sweeter the squash.  Butternut is often a favorite because it tends not to be stringy like some of its relatives.

ORDER our favorite Butternut Squash dish here

best to time to workout. 
compliments of BEYOND studios

Research has shown those who exercise in the morning tend to see more success. This is partly due to getting exercise out of the way first thing before obstacles can get in the way.

read more about Brandi at BEYOND's morning challenge for you here
last week, tarin guessed the answers to the questions we asked about jess. she got four out of five correct - dang, girl! now it's jess's turn - can she do as well as tarin, or possibly even better?! let's find out!

we asked tarin - what is your favorite vegetable?
jess guessed - artichokes
tarin's answer - brussels sprouts.

we asked tarin - how do you de-stress?
jess guessed -  running/yoga
tarin's answer - working out and wine. (+1 jess)

we asked tarin - let's talk wine - do you prefer red, white, or bubbly?
jess guessed - bubbles.
tarin's answer - all of the above, but bubbly is probably my favorite. (yesss +1 jess)

we asked tarin - what brand of running shoes is your favorite?
jess guessed - whatever's on sale bc she goes through them so quickly
tarin's answer - whatever is on sale, really - usually i can get nikes pretty cheap. i go through a lot of running shoes. (booya! +1 jess)

we asked tarin -  what is your favorite memory from college?
jess guessed - she went to clemson so that in itself is a favorite 'life' memory... i would think specifically the awesome friends she made & clemson football.
tarin's answer - probably living in johnstone hall my freshman year. my dorm was tiny and i lived in it with another person. there were gun racks in my little closet because it was built in the 1800s and it was used as old military barracks.  (+.5...?)

jess = 3.5/5