last week, tarin guessed the answers to the questions we asked about jess. she got four out of five correct - dang, girl! now it's jess's turn - can she do as well as tarin, or possibly even better?! let's find out!

we asked tarin - what is your favorite vegetable?
jess guessed - artichokes
tarin's answer - brussels sprouts.

we asked tarin - how do you de-stress?
jess guessed -  running/yoga
tarin's answer - working out and wine. (+1 jess)

we asked tarin - let's talk wine - do you prefer red, white, or bubbly?
jess guessed - bubbles.
tarin's answer - all of the above, but bubbly is probably my favorite. (yesss +1 jess)

we asked tarin - what brand of running shoes is your favorite?
jess guessed - whatever's on sale bc she goes through them so quickly
tarin's answer - whatever is on sale, really - usually i can get nikes pretty cheap. i go through a lot of running shoes. (booya! +1 jess)

we asked tarin -  what is your favorite memory from college?
jess guessed - she went to clemson so that in itself is a favorite 'life' memory... i would think specifically the awesome friends she made & clemson football.
tarin's answer - probably living in johnstone hall my freshman year. my dorm was tiny and i lived in it with another person. there were gun racks in my little closet because it was built in the 1800s and it was used as old military barracks.  (+.5...?)

jess = 3.5/5 



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