jess here! this weekend i had the opportunity to dine at press, a renowned restaurant near napa valley, california [it's technically in st. helena, which is a hop, skip, & a jump away from wine country]. here's my recap of this hot-spot, from a to z. the overall gist? this restaurant is absolutely fantastic. if you find yourself in napa any time in the near future, do yourself a favor by dining at press.
the first thing i noticed about press was the incredible interior. as my boyfriend, mike, & i approached the entrance [we were celebrating our anniversary!], we were completely surrounded by twinkle lights. we proceeded to a lowly lit room that has 30-foot exposed farm ceilings. there was a gorgeous bar serving housemade 209 gin. outside, we noted an exterior fire pit - we couldn't wait to cozy up next to it with a martini.
we started our evening by perusing the cocktail menu. i ordered a basil beauty, a combination of 209 gin shaken with muddled fresh basil, fresh lime juice, & a splash of cane syrup, served up. a few minutes after enjoying our beverages, we were led to our table in the main dining room.
i was amazed, as the staff had given us the best corner table in the restaurant, adorned with a congratulatory anniversary card from press. we had a fantastic view of the outdoor patio, where there were two long farm tables covered in candles & fall floral arrangements - so festive. we began our meal with champagne & kampachi tartare [fresh kampachi, mango, cucumber, red chilies, ginger & lime]. it was such a good way to kick off our dining experience.
mike ordered the wyagu flatiron for dinner, cooked per the chef's recommendation. i have to quote mike here, as he said, "this is one of the best steaks i've ever had" - & that boy has had his fair share of beef. the waiter mentioned that the truffle mac 'n cheese went  well with the steak - twist our arms, why don't you?  i went for a much cleaner approach to the meal for my main course - i ordered the ocean. just kidding - but it felt like that. i had the petite seafood platter, which was not petite - it included four jumbo shrimp, six large oysters, & half of a lobster tail. it was all fresh, fresh, fresh & delicious! i also indulged in an additional side of some heirloom broccoli. it was all total perfection.
we were stuffed, but when we heard there was homemade fig ice cream on the dessert menu, how could we turn it down? it's fig season in the valley so it felt like the perfect treat to indulge in after our meal. the ice cream was delicious, made with local clover diary milk & organic sugar. we sipped on equator french press coffee while enjoying our dessert. i was one happy [& full] girl.
the service, food, & atmosphere [& the company!] made the evening a truly memorable one. i highly recommend press as a must-eat spot in napa valley. so get yourselves there already!

4 fork rating.

4 - must eat
3 - good eats
2- i've had better eats
1 - take our advice & eat elsewhere.


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