fall and friday have finally arrived in Dallas!  & so have some outstanding fave finds - let us know which ones you must have or want to see more of.  we'd love to hear from you!  happy friday!!

1. zara home has finally arrived in the U.S! we believe the antracita table cloth really will make your turkey taste better.
2.  celebrate halloween this weekend with super model heidi klum's halloween party cocktail recipe.
3. love & lemons blog - if you don't know about it, you NEED to & can thank us later.
4. we mix, stir, blend, puree (you get the point) constantly - Leif's gorgeous wooden tasting spoon set not only look pretty, but are super functional. double whammy!
5. 100 mile meals this weekend at the Sydney International Food Festival
can you transport us there tomorrow mates?  


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