ingredient fact from menu.

as seen in our clean grain bowls & last week's quinoa, cherry, goat cheese & steak salad.

This superfood is one of the most protein rich foods we can eat!!!  It is considered the "mother of all grains" by the Incas.  Quinoa is considered a grain but is part of the leafy family of vegetables.  This gluten free grain is a complete protein, meaning that it has all nine essential amino acids.  It has about twice the fiber of other grains and is rich in other nutrients such as magnesium, lysine, B2 and manganese. 

BEYOND exercise.

Why should you life weights?

1. fat loss
2. reduce stress
3. increase joint stability
4. improve your mood
5. find more reasons here.

health coach tip - melissa.

Health Coaching tip:  

Focus on eliminating processed foods from the diet and eating whole, natural foods.  Whole, natural high quality foods will fuel your body with more nutrients and give you increased energy for an active lifestyle!!


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