now that you've gotten to know all about us [tarin + jess], tune in as we find out how much we know about each other. we were each given a list of questions to complete. once we submitted our answers, we were given that very same list about one another and asked to fill in the blanks. we think that we'll even surprise ourselves with how much we know [or don't know!] about each other.

so first up - here's tarin, trying to fill in the blanks on the questions that jess answered. good luck, tarin!

we asked jess - what is your favorite fruit?
tarin guessed - cherries.
jess's answer - watermelon. [so close, tarin! at least those two fruits are the same color.]

we asked jess - how do you re-energize after a long day?
tarin guessed -  a run or a walk; being outside.
jess's answer - if it's a bad long day, a run to relieve stress [you got it right, tarin!] good long day - hang out with my friends/boyfriend [wine is most likely present].

we asked jess - are you a beer snob or a wine connoisseur?
tarin guessed - wine connoisseur!
jess's answer - wino - but definitely not a connoisseur. [point, tarin!]

we asked jess - what brand of workout clothes is your favorite?
tarin guessed - lululemon.
jess's answer - lululemon! [tarin, you're on a roll!] and i really like saucony running shoes.

we asked jess -  what is your favorite memory from high school?
tarin guessed - being a senior on the varsity soccer team.
jess's answer - graduating in front of my class with my entire family present during a special day ceremony because we missed the actual commencement ceremony to play in the state soccer tournament. [tarin, we're giving this one to you - you got the gist!]

stay tuned for next week's post when we'll reveal how much jess knows about tarin!    

we're in full swing here at fullosophie! we made our first deliveries yesterday & we can't wait to hear feedback from our fantastic customers. we hope everyone is enjoying some farm-to-fork goodness right about now.

you know all about us [jess & tarin] as business partners, but we wanted to let you get to know us as individuals. this week, we're giving you some insight into tarin holcomb's life. she's the head chef around here & the creative lead for all of the glorious food we present weekly. tare has been collecting and creating recipes for years. she has binders, multiple 3' ring binders stuffed to the brim with inspiring cuisine, many of which fullosophie brings to life every week. read on to learn more about what makes tarin tick:

what were you up to prior to your life here with fullosophie? 
being bored and unhappy! i was working as a lawyer here in dallas.

what inspired you to begin cooking? 
my parents. my parents are great cooks & i’m pretty sure i can count the number of times we ate in restaurants as kids on my hands. my mom loves following recipes & my dad is a little more inventive.
she was destined to be in the food business.
if you had to sum up your personal fullosophie in one sentence, what would it be? 
always say please & thank you.

what’s your favorite way to exercise? 
i am a big advocate of running. i started running every day [7x per week] about 12 years ago & haven’t stopped. it’s really become an addiction, but i’m not looking to kick it.
where do you shop for everyday clothes? for workout gear? 
i shop the world wide web for my everyday clothes. i try to avoid the mall & dressing rooms as much as possible. honestly, my workout gear consists mainly of free t-shirts i’ve picked up at races, philanthropy events, and sorority events during college.

what’s the best thing you’ve eaten recently? 
i had guacamole yesterday & i really can’t think of any food i enjoy more than that.
Tarin has had a not so secret love affair with guacamole from a young age.
and she's gotten a little more graceful as the years have progressed.
what songs are on your running playlist? 
the songs change every few months but right now i’m listening to “ho hey” by the lumineers, “no strings” by mayer hawthorne & “hold on” by the alabama shakes.

what are your top three favorite restaurants in dallas? 
i really like hibiscus [for something nice], louie’s [for pizza] & mi cocina [for mexican].

what piece of kitchenware could you never go without? 
a sharp knife! i even bring a sharpener when we go on vacation & i’m staying in a condo/house that’s equipped with a kitchen.

if you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? 
there are so many places i want to go but i think i’ll have to say that i really want to go to blackberry farm in tennessee.