now that you've gotten to know all about us [tarin + jess], tune in as we find out how much we know about each other. we were each given a list of questions to complete. once we submitted our answers, we were given that very same list about one another and asked to fill in the blanks. we think that we'll even surprise ourselves with how much we know [or don't know!] about each other.

so first up - here's tarin, trying to fill in the blanks on the questions that jess answered. good luck, tarin!

we asked jess - what is your favorite fruit?
tarin guessed - cherries.
jess's answer - watermelon. [so close, tarin! at least those two fruits are the same color.]

we asked jess - how do you re-energize after a long day?
tarin guessed -  a run or a walk; being outside.
jess's answer - if it's a bad long day, a run to relieve stress [you got it right, tarin!] good long day - hang out with my friends/boyfriend [wine is most likely present].

we asked jess - are you a beer snob or a wine connoisseur?
tarin guessed - wine connoisseur!
jess's answer - wino - but definitely not a connoisseur. [point, tarin!]

we asked jess - what brand of workout clothes is your favorite?
tarin guessed - lululemon.
jess's answer - lululemon! [tarin, you're on a roll!] and i really like saucony running shoes.

we asked jess -  what is your favorite memory from high school?
tarin guessed - being a senior on the varsity soccer team.
jess's answer - graduating in front of my class with my entire family present during a special day ceremony because we missed the actual commencement ceremony to play in the state soccer tournament. [tarin, we're giving this one to you - you got the gist!]

stay tuned for next week's post when we'll reveal how much jess knows about tarin!    

last week, you got to know tarin a little bit better. this week, we want to introduce you to jess. 

jess hangs in the kitchen only when tarin needs help, and spends all of her time developing and operating the business, crunching numbers & handling marketing.  jess received a master's degree in global entrepreneurship & management & she loves putting her skills & knowledge to use by launching new innovative concepts, like her san francisco-based company, M.A.D. foods
read on to learn a little bit more about jess, & stay tuned for next week's post - jess & tarin will be asked to answer questions about each other, testing how much they really know about one another!

what were you up to prior to your life here with fullosophie? 
i was in san francisco! during the past two years there, i finished my masters degree, went back to work for the same fortune 500 company i had been with prior to graduate school, entered a business idea into the san francisco street food festival with no prior food experience whatsoever, won [!], quit my corporate job & started M.A.D. foods! phew!

what inspired you to launch a new business? 
tarin came to california to visit me for a weekend. we started talking about what we would really love to do in life, & we observed that our dreams totally merged with our strengths & talents. we realized that it was a no-brainer to start fullosophie together.

if you had to sum up your personal fullosophie in one sentence, what would it be? 
do what you love; life's too short for anything else.

what’s your favorite way to exercise? 
even after five knee surgeries, i'd still have to say running (against my orthopedic surgeon's wishes). when my knees won’t let me run as much as i’d like, i love to do pilates & swim.
jess' favorite way to exercise growing up and all through college. #18 on clemson women's soccer team.
where do you shop for everyday clothes? for workout gear? 
the sale rack. i love scoring a good deal. as for workout gear, i do love perusing the sports basement in san francisco, and never turn away a gift from lululemon. i do splurge on running shoes every three to four months.

what’s the best thing you’ve eaten recently? 
omg – this sushi dish at nobu last week. it was red snapper sashimi on top of peeled fuji apple slices, topped with jalapeno relish & nori flakes. it was unreal.
dish of jess's dreams (as described above)
what songs are on your running playlist? 
i’m a pandora girl. my top two stations right now are cardio electronic & mumford & sons.

what are your top three favorite restaurants in dallas? 
even though i lived here for two years before moving to san francisco, the only restaurant i can think of right now is breadwinners. the top two places i want to try are shinsei & oak.

what piece of kitchenware could you never go without?
a coffee mug. 

if you could take a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go? 
so close to laos... yet so far. jess in thailand.