red wines to go along with this week's menu items. 

pinot noir.
cabernet sauvignon.
  • what to know about cabernet sauvignon - it is one of the world's most recognized wines. it is grown from black grapes in almost every wine-producing region in the world.
  • how it tastes - some cabs may have vegetal tastes, similar to the zest of a green pepper. others may have hints of mint and eucalyptus. 
  • we suggest that you pair cabernet sauvignon with ghost block cab with our hanger steak with beets, orange, goats cheese & fennel
  • what to know about merlot - it is one of  the most widely planted grapes in the bordeaux wine region, and, as a result, one of the world's most widely planted grapes.
  • how it tastes - it is similar to pinot noir with notes of berries and currants. it also hints of plums, and it has medium body.
  • we suggest that you pair Paloma merlot with this week's arugula pesto & pistachio pasta
red zinfandel. 
  • what to know about red zinfandel - there is relatively little known about the origin of this grape, though DNA testing has shown that it has cousins in croatia. 
  • how it tastes - this robust red wine has flavors of raspberries, blackberries, anise, and pepper.
  • we suggest that you pair Louis Martini red zinfandel with harvest spinach salad with fall squash and shredded chicken

turkey trots in d/fw.

what better way is there to kick off your thanksgiving holiday than with a great run? we've scouted out some fun races to run in the d/fw area on november 22nd. sign yourself up and start training!

tarin here - 1. happy friday! 2. hope you all enjoy some of my fave finds this week. 3. have a great weekend!! 
the smitten kitchen cookbook is a hardcover version of one of our favorite blogs.

silpat mats make clean up easy, allow us to use less fats while baking, & avoid hydrogenated "sprays" 
another 'mandatory' cooking accessory in the fullosophie kitchen. 

good greek olive oil should be a mandatory ingredient in every person's pantry.
a fullosophie favorite is ambrosia olive oil.
GOOD vs. Evil: A night with Anthony Bourdain & Eric Ripert.  
our favorite food television personalities are coming to the Ft. Worth in 1 week! get your tickets here.
because it's that time of year! 100% made from U.S. apples. martinelli's is one of our favorite brands.