chef DAT.

as much as we
love our Michael's, there's something about a man who can perfectly sear & illegally import foie gras. 

chef DAT was visiting Jess's home town (San Francisco) to tease & thank SF for playing an integral role in his underground dinner career.  

Jess was lucky enough to catch chef DAT before his underground dinner prep for a few questions. Check it out...

What brings you to SF from Dallas?
3 years ago I was in San Francisco on a layover and picked up The Chronicle and Times to read on my flight back to Hawaii. In the Times, there was an article talking about the underground dinner scene in SF. It sounded like the coolest thing, and was apparently blowing up here.  I thought to myself, 'this is really effing cool'.  I'm going to do this when I'm back in Dallas.

3 years later, I'm back in San Francisco and this dinner is an ode to the city.  San Francisco inspried me to do what I'm currently doing; and have become  succesful at.  I wanted to give back to the city that gave to me.

What inspires you to cook?

It's something I've done my entire life. I grew up cooking from the age of 7 and started cooking my entire families meals at the age of 12.  I created my own spice rub at the age of 9.  It's been in me forever.

fullosophie: You had your own spice rub at the age of 9??
DAT: Yep
fullosophie: you were destined for this.

What's an ingredient you want, but can't find right now?

black garlic. i have a signature black garlic ice cream that i wanted to make, but couldn't find the dang thing.

What would be your last meal?

everyone say's  "my mom's this, my dad's that..." eff that!  i want live lobster, foie gras, fresh shaved white alba truffles from Italy, and fresh peaches. i'd die happy.

fullosophie: so would we.

What has been your  most unforgettable meal?

Mix Las Vegas - 20 course tasting menu. Most people that go to Vegas win money and  keep playing, but not me.               I'll win my $100 and head straight to a restaurant.

What's your fullosophie on food?

it's really pretty simple. i want the finest ingredients to make the finest food, but made to eat in a very approachable manner. i want people to be comfortable eating the best quality food.  no suit, no tie.  go somewhere where you can drink a glass of makers and eat foie gras.

fullosophie - you're a man after our own hearts - makers and foie gras. 
keep those undgerground dinners coming!


08/22/2012 8:26am

I love DAT like family and I can't wait for him to get home (Dallas)! I wish him nothing but the best!!!

Ps Someone find that man some black garlic...that ice cream is a dream come to life!!!


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